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Little Girls. [Feb. 18th, 2004|11:06 am]


I find this pretty interesting:

Plato evidently didn't consider concepts merely as linguistic tools, used to, so to speak, "get a handle on" reality. For Plato, concepts (or, "Ideas") apparently were the reality, and the objects of the everyday world were mere shadows of that ultimate reality. Thus, in one of his Dialogues he pictured us humans living in a darkened cave facing the back wall of the cave, on which wall we observe mere shadows of the real world coming from outside the cave. It is an imperfect image, but it was designed to emphasize Plato's apparent belief that what ordinary people think of as the "real" world is only a shadow of it. The real world, according to Plato, is the "Ideas" of which the physical world constitutes manifestations. Thus, all particular chunks of matter are only "shadows" of the "real" Idea of matter. Similarly with the Idea of tree as distinct from every particular tree, each one of which was, for Plato, a mere "shadow" of the ultimately real world of Ideas.

Shamelessly stolen from 'csf.colorado.edu/' for the sake of making little girl's heads explode.

Evidence that Plato had ergot poisoning.

From: smurfboy
2004-02-18 08:10 pm (UTC)
nice very nice
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